Little Live Pets - Snuggles My Dream Puppy

Little Live Pets – Snuggles My Dream Puppy

These cute snuggles my dream Puppy needs a lovely home. As soon as you look into their expressive eyes, you want to make them yourself! Pet and hug them. Their faces move and they even breathing, just like a real animal. These super cute puppies just wait to be adopted by you!

From a technological point of view, this is much more advanced than the Furreal friends’ cat that my son had about five years ago, and which had several switches under the coat. (Note that since then I have not seen a Furreal Friend anymore, so they can be just as – or even more – advanced) But it does not animate in the same way and can also be considered a bit dull. It is a lot of soft toys I think.

Great, could be better

It seems to bring out the gentleness in the person holding and petting the toy! Snuggles is like a real puppy!


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