Ultimate Buyer’s Guide – The Best Remote Control Cars

Let’s start off by saying who don`t know remote control cars yet? Are you kidding me? …

Come on…, this is the most popular toys all over the world, no matter your kids or adults, boys or girls everybody must love remote control cars, at least they’ve seen once. Right?

In this review, I will review remote control cars only for the general outline which is remote control cars are popular in the market today. For a special type of RC Cars will be considering the review on the next post.

The Best Remote Control Cars and Popular at Online Store

Okay, to choose what suits RC Cars to you will depend on some different considerations.

The most simple one is a toy for your child. The differences between them are in power, speed, size, remote design and complexity.

From several options, we will review some remote control cars as the following lists, so you will be able to choose wisely according to your needs, your taste and of course keep on watching your budget.

RC Cars NameMax SpeedScaleRating Score 
GordVE GV641 2WD Offroad RC Car 35+ MPH1/18Check Price
Hosim 1:16 Scale 4WD 36km/h High Speed RC Truck 22+ MPH1/16Check Price
VCANNY Off Road Monster Truck 1: 18 Scale 2.4Ghz Radio 4WD 30+ MPH1/18Check Price
SZJJX RC Cars Monster Trucks 4WD 27+ MPH1/22Check Price
TOZO C5031 Desert Buggy Warhammer RC Car 18+ MPH1/12Check Price
Police RC Car 4D Motion Gravity and Steering Wheel 10+ MPH1/12Check Price
Lamborghini Veneno Diecast Model RC Car 20+ MPH1/14Check Price

Now we already have some RC car to be discussed more deeply, let’s continue with the first number in the list above.

GordVE GV641 2WD Offroad RC Car

I was very excited about this RC car, has a very strong look and it can also move its tires and rotate easily to make the car move in directions.

Four wheels are installed independent suspension spring let cross-country car body more flexible, easy and difficult, also played the shockproof function for the body to protect the electronic components inside the car body.

Have strong motor installation, before and after the four-wheel drive for a climbing car can provide strong power torque significantly make the car easy to complete difficult moves.

More than 50 meters remote control distant, amazing! 2.4Ghz (Similar remote control cars only have Tri-Channel) can support multiple cars playing at the same time and equipped with 3.7V 700mAh rechargeable batteries. The charging time is about 1 hours which can offer70 minutes for playing.

Maximum Speed 35 km/h, the electric energy converted into power maximized, two wheels drive for a climbing car can provide strong power torque significantly make the car easy to complete difficult moves. No matter land, sandy beach, mud, wetlands, grasslands, Rugged stone mountain road, rocks can be breakthrough easily, Fearless!

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TOYEN GordVE GV641 1/18 Scale...

VCANNY Off Road Monster Truck

Enjoy playing and drive it using the remote controller, play it on a full-speed level to feel the speed. If you’re out for one heck of a good time, the RC cars won’t let you down!

Anti-shock suspension system, highly responsive steering and throttle protect all parts in all terrains. It is flexible for driving forward or backward, turning left or right without getting stuck in a harsh environment.

This RC Car is providing with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 12-month replacement warranty. 

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VCANNY Remote Control Car, Terrain...

SZJJX RC Cars Monster Trucks 4WD

At first I love  Jeep 🙂 and I thought that this RC car is a bit expensive, but after I got it and played it a couple of days, I changed my mind to this product. I am amazed by how to detail the toy car is designed, how fast it goes, and it can even climb over the kinds of stuff.

Minimum use age recommended is 12 years old because this is a high-speed RC car. Please avoid hit object when it’s in high speed running. It needs to stop accelerating immediately while the RC car is stuck, which can not go forward. Otherwise, the motor will overheats and smoke. All parts have a part number from the manual book and can replace.

Package Included:

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SZJJX RC Cars, 45KMH High Speed...

Hosim 4WD High Speed RC Truck

Excellent Off-road performance, strong and durable, perfect for special operations such as turning, drifting and turning. Excellent handling and control, forward / reverse, left / right.

Four wheels have independent suspension springs installed, making the cross-country body more flexible, comfortable and challenging. Besides, the RC Car has adopted the shockproof function for the protection of electronic components.

If the Hosim lasts a year or more, I would recommend buying it over the much more expensive Traxxas. Road RC Monster Truck seems to be available to the Hosim, and there was also a breakdown of the elements.

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Hosim 1:16 Scale 4WD 36km/h High...

TOZO C5031 Desert Buggy Warhammer RC CAR

I love the grip they have added to the tires, it’s mostly recommended like in sand or dirt in my opinion as in asphalt it turns.

With the powerful motor, speed up to 30KM/H+, real experience with the high-speed Gears made of metal. More smoothly and don’t get stuck quickly and ensures high-efficiency rotation and longer lifetime than plastic gears.

Metal differential gear works together with metal transmission shaft. This help achieve intricate movements such as drifting

Suspension shockproof system, highly responsive steering and throttle with Hi-Q rubber wheel, anti-skid, perfect experience.

An Independent suspension system is the same with a helical spring with high resilience for each wheel, which creates an impressive damping effect and a more steady drive.

Transmission shafts rotate with the high speed and little bearing. Therefore it is vital to keep its dynamic balance
Come with 7.4V 1500mA Battery, USB charger cable. The adapter not included.

TOZO C5031 Desert Buggy Warhammer SPEC

One thing I did wish somewhere was upgradable parts compatible with this car. Taking this car brushless with a lipo battery would be crazy fun. That is not a big deal, but it would be fun to see.

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TOZO C5031 1:12 Large Scale RC CAR...

Police RC Car 4D Motion Gravity and Steering Wheel

A new generation of 4D remote control driving, Simulation steering wheel remote. This police car is what your kids were always dreaming about, get the feel of driving a real police car and control with a real steering wheel, turn right for the car to turn right and left for the car to turn left, this toy police car has a real car simulation.

Powered steering, Powered door, Police sirens, Police lights, Real car sound effects. Control everything from the remote steering wheel even the lights and siren.

1:12 scale large police car model with 2.4Ghz Radio Control for maximum and Professional Performance.

We have compared many remote control vehicles over the years of having 2 boys but this may be the best one yet. This police car is by far the coolest toy I ever saw.

Lever control R, N, D. Left/right blinkers, Push to start, just like a real car, it also features gravity control which allows you to control the car by moving the steering wheel in the air left or right, Powered steering, Powered doors, Police sirens, Police lights, Real car sound effects.

Police 4D Motion Gravity and Steering Wheel Mode1

Police 4D Motion Gravity and Steering Wheel Mode2

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Remote Control Police Car, 4D...

Lamborghini Veneno Diecast Model RC CarBased on the Lamborghini Aventador, the Veneno is a high-performing sports car named after one of the strongest and fastest fighting bulls that ever lived. It is a street-legal three-of-a-kind 6.5L V12 speed demon with 739 bhp and a max speed of 220mph.

This is similar to the Aventador but the Veneno is much lighter with a carbon-fiber body and dramatically improved aerodynamics. This is the 1/14 red version of the Lamborghini Veneno.

This RC car is constructed of sturdy plastic with a glossy finish, 1:14 scale of the Lamborghini Veneno, officially licensed by Lamborghini. High detailed and excellent quality, as well as its good look, make it an excellent choice for kids.

Super cool automatic opening doors function bring more fun to the driving experience for Child.
Lamborghini Veneno Diecast Model RC Car Award


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Remote Control Orange Exotic Veneno...

Before You Buy Remote Control Cars, Knowing the scale.

What is the meaning of the ratios written on RC toys, e.g., 1/12, 1/14, 1/18?

It is a proportional weight of the RC toy compared to its real-life counterpart. For example, a 1/12 model RC Car is 12 times smaller than the real thing, 1 on the RC car model is 12 weight on the real car. Still confused? You check more detail here and here.

Also, beware of the max speed and manufacture age recommendation, because some of the RC cars can be very fast and have a lot of remote models and they need to adopt the control before or they can quickly damage the toys.


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