If you and your child are a fan of Despicable Me the movie, you know what this jumbo sized plush toy. A scene where the adorable Agnes squeals “IT’S SO FLUFFY!” when she gets her dream plush toy? That’s the one. Have you or your children ever wondered just how fluffy the plush toy is? Just like many of us, you and your children were probably just as curious as we were. If Agnes could plead to get one of those plush toys and then shrieked it was so fluffy she could die, then it must be heavenly. Wonder no more! For we have found just what we are looking for: Despicable Me 3 Jumbo Fluffy! Comes in a jumbo sized 16-inches long, this Unicorn is everything Agnes and your child have ever dreamed of. Not only is it incredibly cute, it is also very huggable. The fur is irresistibly soft and it’s perfect for cuddles. If that is not enough, picture this: the enormous Unicorn plush toy comes with exciting sound effects and lights! Your children will love how soft and adorable it is, and they will giggle with delight when they find out that it can make noises and the horn can light up. Simply by pressing its hoof, this Despicable Me 3 Jumbo Fluffy will instantly light up and make cute noises. That is not all, however. When the hoof of this Agnes’ favorite plushie is pressed, it will also play music which your children will absolutely love.