Avalon Hill Betrayal Legacy, board game

Avalon Hill Betrayal Legacy, board game

Avalon Hill Betrayal Legacy, Board...

Every house has a story. This is yours.

With its story veiled by wild eyes and the scribbling of madmen, it was believed that no one would ever know the unholy origin of the house on the hill.

Until now.

The story you tell is one that you create. Travel back to the onset of horror as you create a unique story told by several generations of families obsessed with the house.

Based on the award-winning Betrayal at House on the Hill, Betrayal Legacy is a unique experience that allows you to create the story of the legendary house through in-game decisions and actions. When the campaign finishes, you'll have a completely re-playable, custom board game.


"This is a great update for a classic game that adds new flavor and balance without compromising what made the original Betrayal at House on the Hill so unique – it's not just the perfect gateway to the world of campaign table games also the perfect way to dive into the darker areas of your and your friend's psyche. " ComicBook.com

"This variety and unpredictability is one of the coolest parts of Betrayal, and the legacy structure adds an extra layer that blends in perfectly with the concept – they still have variety, but now the impact of a particular hunt on the whole is having an impact House Instead of playing a horror movie, it feels like you're playing a whole horror movie series … The taste here is top notch and the mechanics at the core turned out to be great years ago It's the perfect haunted house board game and it is full of secrets that I can hardly wait for. IGN

A Selection of Game Informer "Best Tabletop Games of 2018"

"Betrayal Legacy is a game experience I'll never forget." – Bob Fekete, Newsweek

"This scary RPG has it all – character stats, spaces to explore, dozens of potential scenarios, and a traitor among you."

For 3 5 players. From 12 years
Based on the award-winning board game Betrayal at House on the Hill
Leverages the popular "legacy" mechanics and gives players the opportunity to customize their game and create a unique experience
A prologue and 13 chapters cover the "Legacy" campaign. Includes 52 brand new hangouts
Betrayal Legacy tells your story of the house. Every house will have a different story
The chapters extend from 1666 to 2004. Each chapter has several possible outcomes that affect your story and your game. Players assume the role of a family member over many generations

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Avalon Hill Betrayal Legacy, Board...
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Avalon Hill Betrayal Legacy, Board...
  • Generations of families. Centuries of terror....
  • Beware! In “Legacy” board games, any move...
  • Unlock the mysteries of the iconic house...

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